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Oxfam Canada stamp program volunteers raise $20,000 for East Africa drought relief

Oxfam Canada stamp program volunteers raise $20,000 for East Africa drought relief

September 20, 2011


Volunteers in Oxfam Canada’s stamp program raised an impressive $20,000 for Oxfam’s emergency response in East Africa by selling donated stamps, envelopes and postcards.

 It was one of the largest single donations to Oxfam Canada’s drought relief response and one of the largest amounts raised through the stamp program in its 30 years of operation.

The $20,000 was delivered in time to “double the money” through the federal government’s July 6-Sept. 16 East Africa Drought Relief Fund which matches donations raised by eligible charitable organizations.

Over the years the volunteers of the stamp program have raised $270,400 for Oxfam programs in more than 15 countries. Most of the programs are for long-term development to alleviate poverty and injustice.  Stamps sales have also supported other appeals for responses to such emergencies as hurricanes and earthquakes.

Anthony Scoggins, Oxfam Canada’s international programs director, congratulated the volunteer team after receiving the cheque from Bill Woodley, co-founder of the volunteer program. Woodley credited a particularly successful Oxfam Canada stamp auction earlier this year for the success.

“This contribution is one of the largest single contributions to the drought response fund and so is particularly appreciated,” Scoggins said.

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