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Oxfam Canada shows solidarity on June 4th

Oxfam Canada shows solidarity on June 4th

June 4, 2012

On June 4, in solidarity with our allies in environmental and social movements, Oxfam Canada will participate in Black Out Speak Out. This initiative, launched by 12 Canadian environmental organizations, is intended to affirm the importance of free expression and a diversity of views and to counter the government’s efforts to defund, intimidate and undermine voices of dissent.

Oxfam Canada will be supporting hundreds of environmental organizations and charities and joining in solidarity with Oxfam Québec by symbolically “blacking out” our website.  Every visitor to our site will see our message of solidarity:

"We stand in solidarity with environmental organizations that have been obliged to defend themselves against spurious attacks for their policy views. When some charities are publicly accused, all feel threatened and all Canadians lose out."

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Juliet O'Neill
Media Officer, Oxfam Canada

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