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Oxfam Canada Applauds Government’s Aid to East Africa Announcement

Oxfam Canada Applauds Government’s Aid to East Africa Announcement

July 22, 2011

Oxfam Canada applauds today’s announcement by International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda for $50 million to support the over 11 million people affected by drought and at risk in east Africa.

“With an $800 million shortfall in funding, we are glad to see that Canada is showing leadership in the face of this tragic situation,” said Robert Fox, Oxfam Canada’s Executive Director. “The situation is critical and much more needs to be done to prevent people from dying in massive numbers. Canada’s contribution is a big help in meeting urgent needs.”

Earlier this week, the United Nations (UN) announced famine conditions in parts of Somalia. By the time the UN calls it a famine it is already a signal of large-scale loss of life.

The international figure for aid required to address this crisis, set by the UN, is over $1.8 billion. Oxfam Canada calls on other international donors, including European, Arab and African countries, to follow Canada’s lead.

Oxfam Canada also encourages Canadians to continue giving and for Canadian corporations to give generously. Oxfam Canada welcomes the announcement that the government will match contributions made by Canadians.

“Canada has been generous in its support of UN agencies and Canadian NGOs on the ground,” added Fox. “As we see more and more people seeking refuge and in need of support, Oxfam is scaling-up its response and we are calling on all Canadians to be as generous as they can.”

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For more information contact:

Katia Gianneschi
Oxfam Canada
Media Relations


Note to Editors:

Donor Contributions to date ($US, updated July 23, 2011)

•    UK – Ethiopia: $61 million plus Kenya/Somalia: $84 million = $145 million
•    Canada – $52 million
•    US – Food aid in kind worth $21 million plus $28 million for Somalia = $49 million
•    Australia – $44 million
•    Spain – $20 million
•    ECHO $8 million (announcement from 22-26th July – approx $40 million)
•    EC Non G20, Denmark – $18 million
•    Kuwait – $10 million
•    Switzerland – $8 million
•    Sweden – $8 million
•    Netherlands – $7 million
•    France – $7 million
•    Germany – $7 million
•    Norway – $6 million
•    Qatar – $3 million
•    New Zealand – $1.7 million
•    Ireland – $1.4 million
•    African Union – $300K
•    Italy – no significant new money likely

Total to date: $395 million



With a combined presence in over 120 countries, the joint efforts by the members of the HUMANITARIAN COALITION, CARE Canada, Oxfam Canada, Oxfam Quebec, Plan Canada and Save the Children Canada provide a widespread and effective response to emergencies. The group has one phone number and a joint website for online donations in order to make donating easy for Canadians.

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