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Oxfam and The Humanitarian Coalition provide targeted support in Japan

Oxfam and The Humanitarian Coalition provide targeted support in Japan

March 15, 2011

Oxfam is appealing for public donations for two local partner organizations, one that is assisting women and their babies and the other providing information to non-Japanese speakers living in Japan.

The Japan Organization for International Cooperation on Family Planning (JOICFP) together with the Japanese Midwives’ Association and local doctors will help breast-feeding mothers by providing them with privacy and their babies with diapers and other products. They are also offering counseling to women under high stress.

To assist the estimated 40,000 non-Japanese speakers in the affected areas, Oxfam will support the multi-language centre FACIL to set up a hotline and translate and re-publish information put out by local authorities. FACIL was founded following the Kobe earthquake in 1995.

Japan is one of the most advanced nations in the world in dealing with natural disasters and has accepted international help in only a few specific areas. Like Oxfam, most international humanitarian agencies are assisting when local authorities request it, and are otherwise providing specialized help as described here.

The members of Canada’s HUMANITARIAN COALITION are also providing relief in support of the Japanese Government’s emergency management efforts.

• CARE is targeting 20,000 beneficiaries in the coastal communities of Iwate Prefecture directly impacted by the tsunami. This prefecture has had less attention and presence than Miyagi and Fukushima to the south. CARE is focusing on food security, shelter, psycho-social support programs and disaster risk reduction. Their response includes food distribution, supplying non-food items and upgrades to evacuation centres.

• Save the Children is carrying out child protection activities focusing on providing Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) in some of the major evacuation centres in Miyagi and Iwate. In this protective environment, children can play, talk about their experiences, and establish a routine in a chaotic situation.  At present Save the Children has a total of five CFS operating (three CFS operating in Sendai City servicing six evacuation centres and two in Ishinomaki servicing four evacuation centres).

The HUMANITARIAN COALITION, with the joint efforts of its members, CARE Canada, Oxfam Canada, Oxfam-Québec and Save the Children Canada, provides a widespread and effective response to humanitarian emergencies. By combining under one banner, the HUMANITARIAN COALITION makes it easy for Canadians to donate in an emergency. With one joint fundraising apparatus, the HUMANITARIAN COALITION reduces fundraising costs, increasing the impact of Canadian donations where it is needed.

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