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The Naked Truth: G8 exposed for failing to deliver on their promises.

The Naked Truth: G8 exposed for failing to deliver on their promises.

June 24, 2010

Media Advisory for Huntsville Photo Stunt
for 10.30am Thursday June 24, 2010

The naked truth: G8 exposed for failing to deliver on their promises


Oxfam’s G8 “Big Heads” will be in Huntsville ‘naked’ and ‘pregnant.’

Their modesty preserved only by a maple leaf, they will illustrate the G8’s failure to keep their promises to poor people around the world.

In 2005, the G8 promised to increase aid by $50 billion dollars but five years later, they have come up $20 billion short. And this year, 350,000 women will die from preventable deaths in childbirth because of a lack of basic healthcare.

Thursday, June 24, 2010 10:30am        

95 Main Street, Huntsville – in River Mill Park near the intersection of Main and River street, just across from the "The Bookcase."     

Every year, some 350,000 women die in pregnancy or childbirth. The four major killers are bleeding, infections, unsafe abortions and obstructed labor. In most cases, basic health care intervention in the form of a trained midwife, with obstetric equipment and medicines, and a well-equipped referral hospital staffed by trained doctors will save the mother’s life. The UN estimates the funding gap for maternal and child health at $20 billion per year. The G8 should pledge to provide half that sum, $10 billion annually in new money, and to spell out that it will address the discriminatory barriers that deny women quality healthcare.


Oxfam activists bare all to decry the G8’s failure to make good on aid promises.

Oxfam activists pose as G8 leaders near the Summit in Huntsville, where maternal mortality is on the agenda.

Oxfam activists dressed as G8 leaders bare all to dramatize the plight of the thousand women who die every day of pregnancy-related causes.

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