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Meet your 2011 fitness goals with Oxfam Trailwalker Canada

Meet your 2011 fitness goals with Oxfam Trailwalker Canada

January 13, 2011

For many who made merry in the holiday season, January is a time to focus on a new year and new goals.

If your New Year’s resolution includes improving your fitness, Oxfam Canada is here to help. Achieve your 2011 fitness goals by training for Oxfam Trailwalker Canada, the ultimate physical and fundraising challenge. Trailwalker is a 100 km endurance hike that sees teams of four traverse the distance between Barrie and Orillia in less than 48 hours – all to raise money for Oxfam Canada’s development work overseas.

While anyone who can walk can participate, Trailwalker takes training to make it to the finish line! Tyler Lockhart is quick to characterize himself as an unlikely athlete: the Toronto-based financial service professional prefers to experience athletic glory from the comfort of his couch rather than through active participation.

But last July, Tyler and his three best friends found themselves trekking through the forests and hillsides of the Ganaraska Trail, doggedly walking 100 km.

“We certainly weren’t a group of elite athletes. We had never done anything like Trailwalker before, but we jumped right in to probably the biggest challenge we could have done,” he said.

Trailwalker began in 1981 as a military training exercise for the Queen’s Gherkas regiment in Hong Kong and its reputation as an adventure challenge is well-deserved. But the high of pushing yourself to the limits – and then exceeding them – is what fuels many participants to the finish line.

Participants don’t need to train alone. Oxfam keeps you informed and inspired with an online Trailwalker preparation guide, group training sessions, and regular emails filled with training and nutrition tips, all to get you primed for July’s Trailwalker event.

Even if you don’t have a complete team of four to participate with, Oxfam can set you up with other Trailwalkers who are short team members.

The Trailwalker website also allows you to connect and share information with other participants. You can swap training advice and follow the progress of other Trailwalkers through their Facebook and Twitter pages and on their personal blogs.

While it will certainly whip you into shape, Trailwalker is not just about reaching fitness goals. The event serves an important fundraising purpose, as each team of four participants must raise $2,500 in order to take part in the hike. The money raised helps fund Oxfam Canada’s overseas development work in countries such as Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Pakistan and Nicaragua.  

So fulfill two resolutions –improve your fitness and make a real difference in the world by dusting off your hiking boots and hitting the training trail in preparation for Oxfam Trailwalker Canada 2011. We’ll see you at the starting line!

Oxfam Trailwalker Canada takes place July 22 to 24 on the Ganaraska trail. Registration for the event is now open at //

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