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Canada joining International Aid Transparency Initiative

Canada joining International Aid Transparency Initiative

November 29, 2011

Oxfam Canada welcomes the announcement that Canada is joining the International Aid Transparency Initiative.

“The decision to open the books to global public scrutiny is an important step in Canada's accountability to aid beneficiaries,” Robert Fox, executive director of Oxfam Canada, said Tuesday.
“Armed with up-to-date information, citizens in aid recipient countries will be better able to hold their own governments to account for how they spend Canada's aid."
The decision was announced by International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda at the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan, South Korea.
Fox said civil society organizations present at the summit in Korea had pressed Canadian International Development (CIDA) officials to join the International Aid Transparency Initiative.
Oda’s announcement said CIDA will allow donors, partner countries, civil society organizations and citizens to access and use Canadian information and compare it with data from 22 other participating organizations and countries participating in the International Aid Transparency Initiative.
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and the South Korean government are hosting the global aid meeting in Busan to take stock of the state of development aid, and make decisions about how to make aid more effective.
For the first time, civil society organizations have a seat at the Forum among the sherpas – the representatives of the key governments charged with the responsibility to reach an agreement on a new framework for development cooperation.
“With the increased focus on “results” we need to ensure that we are targeting the results that matter most — tackling inequality and ending discrimination that leaves women, indigenous peoples, rural communities, disabled and other marginalized groups at an ever deeper disadvantage,” Fox said.


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