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Oxfam Canada Executive Director Robert Fox Travelling to East Africa

Oxfam Canada Executive Director Robert Fox Travelling to East Africa

August 12, 2011

News Advisory

Oxfam Canada’s Robert Fox will be travelling to Ethiopia and Kenya the week of August 14. In Ethiopia, Fox will be visiting Dolo Ado, a refugee camp near the Somali border that is home to a rapidly growing number of refugees from Somalia. A plane loaded with 40 tonnes of water and sanitation materials supplied by Oxfam has recently arrived at the camp. Fox will have an opportunity to see how Oxfam’s aid is helping the community to scale up infrastructure and public health programs to serve people’s urgent needs and avert an outbreak of disease.

“The crisis Ethiopia hasn’t received as much media attention but the situation is grave,” said Fox. “Both the host communities and the families that have fled Somalia in search of water, food and protection need urgent help.”

Fox will be in the Kenyan Dadaab camps on August 18 and 19. The Dadaab camps have grown from 140,000 to 400,000 in recent months and more than 1,500 people, mostly women and children, are arriving each day seeking refuge.

Robert Fox will be available for interviews.

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