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May 10, 2010

To date, these are some of the member agency’s responses include:

  • Oxfam is providing ‘bladders, of 10,000 litres of water to 10,000 Haitians who have been displaced in a former golf course in Delmas and to a hospital in Carrefour.
    1. To arrange filming of the water distribution, journalists should call or text Oxfam Press Officer Caroline Gluck, in Port-au-Prince, on +44 7867 976041. Also on-site will be Karim Deniel, on + 52155 91992 886
  • CARE has distributed an eight-day supply of water purification tablets for 12,000 people. CARE hasalso bought 5000 hygiene kits and 5000 mattress from local merchants. Distribution will begin shortly.
    1. To get more information about CARE’s distributions on the ground in Haiti, contact Rick Perera: 1-404-457-7427
  • Save the Children Canada has distributed IV solutions and other medicines to 14 hospital and clinics. As well as distributing hygiene kits to help stop the spread of disease that is common immediately after a disaster.

Despite the relief efforts underway, there have been major challenges in coordinating the response. Major challenges include the limited capacity of the Port au Prince airport, which has delayed the arrival of goods; significant damage to roads and all other infrastructure and the pure and utter destruction of the capital city.



To arrange interviews with representatives in Haiti, and for more information, please contact:

Kieran Green

Cell: 613.799.7562

With a combined presence in 120 countries, the joint efforts by the members of THE HUMANITARIAN COALITION provide a widespread and effective response to emergencies. In addition, the campaign has one call centre, one phone number and a joint website for online donations in order to make donating easy for Canadians. Public service announcements and web communications are coordinated to represent a single and unified voice.

To donate to THE HUMANITARIAN COALITION, call 1-800-464-9154, log onto or send donations to THE HUMANITARIAN COALITION, PO Box 65035, Ottawa, ON, K2G 5Y3

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