Here are all the resources you need to learn more about GROW and the issues and solutions around land and land grabs, food prices and agriculture.


Climate Change

Food and Climate Justice

Land and land grabs

Our Land, Our Lives

Our Land, Our Lives:  Time out on the global land rush

Oxfam urges World Bank to freeze land deals and champion an end to land grabs by all investors.

How land grabs are deepening poverty

How land grabs are deepening poverty

Watch this video on how land grabs are tearing whole communities apart, leaving people hungry and homeless. The World Bank has the power to be a force for good. It can help protect the rights of the world's poorest people.

Guatemala land grab

Guatemala land grab

This shocking film, from the Polochic Valley in Guatemala, captures in detail what happens when people have their land taken from them.

Stop Land Grabs Action Guide
This toolkit outlines how the action works.
Stop Land Grabs Poster

Stop Land Grabs Poster

Print out this poster and use it to draw attention to your event

Stop Land Grabs Brochure

Land Grabs Brochure

Print out, fold in half and use to hand-out at the action

Global Land Rush Facts

Global Land Rush Facts

Here are the top facts you need to know about the global land rush. In color and black & white.

Stop Land Grabs Petition

Stop Land Grabs Petition Sheets

This sign up sheet is to collect names for Oxfam's campaign. 

Two-thirds land grabs infographicTwo-thirds land grab infographic
Tick tock land grabs infographicTick tock land grab infographic
60% land grabs infographic60% land grab infographic
Support Nicaraguan Women Farmers project information 



GROW Week Land Grab Q&A

GROW Week Land Grab Q&A

This lists questions and answers on what land grabs are and why Oxfam is taking action.

How to explain a land grab in 15 seconds, 2 minutes and 5 minutes

GROW Week Key MessagesTips for talking about Land Grabs

This outlines how to explain land grabs in 10 seconds, 30 seconds or one minute.

Growing a better futureGrowing a better future: Oxfam's report  Growing a Better Future clearly outlines how the food system is broken. But it also calls for solutions. The food system can and must be transformed. This report is the result of three years of research and provides background for Oxfam's GROW campaign. 
Enough for EveryoneEnough For Everyone: What Canada can do to end the food crisis and reduce hunger around the world focuses on the Canadian situation.
Civil society statement on the finance of land grabsCivil society statement on the finance of land grabs. Millions of hectares of land have been leased or bought up in recent years, mainly to produce food or fuel for the international market. Peasants, herders, fishers and other rural households are being dispossessed to feed themselves and their communities, sometimes through promises of jobs, sometimes at gunpoint.

Food and You: Want to understand why 80% of the world's hungry are herders, fishers and farmers? Watch these videos— they expose our broken food system and explore the ways that we can build a world where everyone has enough to eat, always.

Glen, Gary & Ross. An Oxfam film about land grabs.

Food prices

  • Food and YouAn animated film about what people are doing to change the broken food system
  • Here's an infographic that explains the Food Crisis in West Africa and what happens when families can't get enough food to eat. 

Food Crisis in the Sahel



Sisters on the Planet: Fight Hunger. Invest in Women

Vamos al Grano: Campaign for Agriculture in Mesoamerica

Four infographics from our recent report Growing a Better Future.


Oxfam GROW 

Join the GROWing movement for change and watch this introduction to GROW.

Watch and learn why Angelique KidjoLula da SilvaDesmond Tutu, and Gael García Bernal are supporting the GROW campaign.