Good Enough to Eat: Oxfam's Global Food Index

“Good Enough to Eat” is a global food index that looks at whether people have enough to eat. Oxfam has reviewed food quality, affordability, and dietary health in 125 countries.

Good Enough to Eat shows the Netherlands has the world’s most plentiful, nutritious, healthy and affordable diet, with France and Switzerland in second place. Chad came in last in 125th spot, behind Ethiopia and Angola.

Canada ranks 25th, in large part because of the country's growing struggle with obesity, and unhealthy eating.

In Canada, problems accessing good food are most acute in aboriginal communities. For example, more than half of children in Nunavut live in food insecure households - one of the highest rates among Indigenous Peoples in any developed country.

Oxfam believes that the Canadian government has a role to play in ending hunger at home by putting in place a national food policy. We also need to ensure our international aid puts women food producers at the centre of a global response to food insecurity.

Good Enough to Eat: The Food Index
The Good Enough to Eat index looks at four core concerns for consumers around the world:

  1. Do people have enough to eat?
  2. Can people afford to eat?
  3. Is food of good quality?
  4. What are the health outcomes of people’s diet?

The Best and Worst Places to Eat

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