GROW Week 2012

What a week! 
Thanks to you, they've heard us loud and clear. 

You have made them sit up and listen at the highest levels of the World Bank! Mass action in Canada and around the world has put land grabs on the agenda. But the World Bank has not yet agreed to a full land freeze.

Here's the story so far and what happens next...

You got fired up and signed up.

We asked you to set up a symbolic land grab—this hit a nerve with thousands of people across Canada who took action, signed our petition and joined us on Twitter and Facebook. See our photos on Flickr

Thousands of tweets and comments...

When the World Bank asked '#whatwillittake to end poverty?' you deluged them with tweets and comments asking them to stop land grabs.

And acres of news coverage later...

Stunts in Vancouver, St. John's, London and Tokyo with bulldozers, hard hats and our hard-hitting report led to acres of news coverage and put land grabs firmly on the World Bank's agenda. 

We got the World Bank's attention!

At their annual meeting, World Bank Vice President Rachel Kyte made time to join us in person for a debate.

But we didn't get their agreement... Yet.

We need to make our call louder and stronger. The World Bank needs to change their policies to ensure that they are operating at the highest standards.  

So, the campaign continues!

Asking for this freeze is a brave idea that has now become a global call with a growing and vibrant public backing. Together, we can win this with your continued support.