Nancy Allan, Saskatoon, Canada

Nancy Allan is a female food hero because she works tirelessly to educate Saskatoon citizens on the benefits of fair trade. She is a founding member of the North Saskatchewan Fair Trade Network (NSFTN) and active member of Oxfam Canada’s Saskatoon chapter. The mandate of the NSFTN speaks to the importance of development education to promote fair trade and increase visibility of the fair trade movement and Oxfam has long been an active proponent of action on food-related issues.Nancy is a master communicator who excels at bringing individuals, groups, organizations and networks together to help build a movement for fair trade in Canada.In addition to her advocacy work, Nancy seeks to change the terms of trade to ensure that the farmers and artisans behind the products we purchase get a better deal. She does this in part by providing Canadians an opportunity to purchase responsibly through her home-based fair trade business, Just Delights. “As someone who grew up on a small farm in Saskatchewan in the 1950s and 60s and lived in Bolivia in the 1980s,” she says, “I saw that the need for fair trade is universal.”