Karen Durfey, Markland, Canada

Karen Durfey is a Female Food Hero because she operates a farm that feeds a lot of people and she listens to what her customers want to eat when deciding what to grow.Karen operates Ripple Trail Farm in Markland, on the Avalon Peninsula.  This family farm dates back to 1959 and was started by her father. Today, Ripple Trail Farm is a 95-acre vegetable operation which is known primarily for its parsnip, as well as other traditional Newfoundland vegetables including cabbage, turnip, carrot, potatoes, and beet.  There are currently 30 acres of crops in production and 32 acres of hay.In addition to the traditional crops, increasingly Karen is expanding into more non-traditional crops like beans, squash, sweet potatoes, and swiss chard.  This is because of requests from customers at the St. John's Farmers' Market. Karen listens to them and adapts accordingly.Look for Ripple Trail Farm on Saturdays at the St. John’s Farmers Market.