Cheryl Gudmundson, Tisdale, Canada

Cheryl Gudmundson , from Tisdale, SK, is a Female Food Hero because she promotes physical, social and intellectual well-being through community based programs. She is spirited and exuberant-keen to give support to and include others. Cheryl is committed to helping maintain the following programs-Good Food Box, Community Gardens, Collective Kitchen, Kids Kitchen, Healthy Parents & Healthy Babies and Swap Nights. Through the Good Food Box program, Cheryl introduces people to nutritious foods & recipes and supports local producers. She serves on numerous local, regional and provincial (healthy, accessible, affordable) food based organizations: Food Secure Sask, Food For All Coalition of N.E. Sask., Operation Healthy Food. She is the secretary of Inter-Agency Group meetings, representative on Tisdale United Appeal, Canadian Child and Nutrition Program Network. In her words: "Many volunteers including board members, program volunteers and community donations are all necessary to make our organization successful.... Many minds help make an organization strong."