Cathleen Kneen, Ottawa, Ontario

Cathleen Kneen is a female food hero because she is the Grandmother of Grassroots Food Security organizing in Canada. A strong background in feminism, social justice and farming with stints as a Nova Scotia sheep farmer, CBC announcer, and advocate for assaulted women laid the groundwork for the co-founding of two BC Farmers Markets, and leadership roles (to put it mildly) in BC Food Systems Network, Certified Organic Associations of BC, Food Secure Canada/Sécurité Alimentaire Canada and the People’s Food Policy Project.She has been the editor of BC Organic Grower and currently edits, co-writes, illustrates and designs The Ram’s Horn, Canada’s only periodical devoted exclusively to Food Systems Analysis.Finally, what truly sets her apart are the hundreds of people across Canada that she has mentored into the Food Security movement at the local, regional, provincial, national and international stages.