Female Food Heroes

Female Food Heroes


Am I a Female Food Hero? 

Female Food Heroes are women who are working to build a movement for good food – food that is grown well and shared fairly. This could be you, your neighbor, your sister, your friend or your colleague. See the list of heroes below for inspiration! 

Ending hunger begins with women's rights

Women grow, process, market and prepare much of the world's food. In many places, they are also the keepers of seeds and protectors of water. They deserve the rights and resources they need to produce and purchase healthy food for their families. This is not happening because of a deep injustice in the global food system. We believe in the need to invest in the productivity, resilience and sustainability of small scale food producers – particularly women.

Women have powerful voices

Oxfam Canada wants to celebrate and recognize the powerful voice that women can have in Canada and globally in changing our food system. We want to share the stories of women we know who are changing the injustices of the food system and challenging the inequities of the rights of women – these are our Female Food Heroes.


Join the millions of people around the world who support Oxfam's work on food justice.

Share existing stories/photos with your circles and get involved in GROW's Behind the Brands campaign.



Meet and celebrate some Female Food Heroes in Canada: