Member Policy

Approved by the Board of Directors February 2013

Oxfam Canada values the role of members – women and men in all their diversities – in supporting our mission and building a movement of active global citizens for change. Our aim is to deepen and broaden the engagement of a diverse membership in support of Oxfam’s governance, programs, campaigns, outreach, and fundraising activities. By contributing time, energy, knowledge, money, and speaking out for change, members advance our mission of ending global poverty and injustice and promoting women’s rights and gender justice.

This policy sets out Oxfam Canada’s commitment to the effective governing of the organization with the support of its membership.


All of Oxfam Canada’s members, including members of the Board of Directors, are included within the scope of this policy.

Policy Statement

Oxfam Canada recognizes that it is through the joint effort of the organization’s members, Board and staff that the governance needs of the organization are met. Oxfam Canada engages and works with members to ensure effective governing of the organization.

Oxfam Canada commits to ensure that its members receive the appropriate information in a timely manner in order to be able to effectively participate in its governance.

Members participate in the organization’s governance by:

  • Nominating, contesting, and voting for elected positions
  • Participating in regional and national summits
  • Providing feedback to the Board of Directors on policies and priorities and through approving
  • Bylaws
  • Special Resolutions
  • Appointment of auditors


The Board of Directors is responsible for oversight of Oxfam Canada’s governance including its Membership Policy. It holds the Executive Director accountable for proper implementation and compliance with this policy.


An Oxfam Canada supporter is a person who works in support of Oxfam programs, campaigns, outreach, fundraising, or administration on an unpaid basis. Supporters may be engaged in a community or campus-based group; as part of an Oxfam event or activity; online; in a volunteer position based in an Oxfam office; in a specialized role working directly with staff; on a project committee; or in other ways.

An Oxfam Canada member is any supporter, 13 years of age or older, who supports the vision and mission, properly registers as a member and has signed the Code of Conduct. All members are encouraged to contribute to Oxfam's work by voting on governance matters including elections for the Board, taking action in campaigns, volunteering, and donating as they are able.



Oxfam Canada Transparency and Accountability Policy (2013)

Oxfam Canada Code of Conduct for Members and Supporters (2013)

No Harassment No Violence in the Workplace Policy (2009)

Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement