Code of Conduct for Members and Supporters

Oxfam Canada, its members, and its supporters jointly commit to Empowerment, Inclusivity and Accountability.

Approved by the Oxfam Canada Board of Directors, February 2013

Oxfam welcomes you to our global movement for change. We are strong when there are many voices and hands joined together. Oxfam invites everyone to be part of building a positive future now: a future free from injustice and poverty.

Shared Vision and Values

Active citizens join Oxfam based on a shared vision of a fair world, free of poverty and injustice. All supporters,[1] members and volunteers have the right to participate in Oxfam Canada activities and programs in a mutually respectful and supportive environment. This code applies to all locations involving Oxfam-related activities, whether conducted at or away from the workplace, during or outside of working hours, or in an office, community or campus setting. Oxfam Canada, its members and supporters mutually commit to abide by the following code of conduct when engaged with Oxfam.

Shared rights and responsibilities

Oxfam Canada, its members, and its supporters jointly commit to:


  • Building our presence in communities through public engagement and outreach such that Oxfam is seen as taking a cooperative leadership role in the broader movement for women’s rights, social justice and active citizenship
  • Creating a productive space for action, but also for joint-learning, development, innovation and personal growth, enabling members, and supporters to contribute to and benefit from this space 
  • Maintaining two-way communications between staff and supporters so that everyone is in-the-loop


  • Building safe, inclusive and positive spaces where diversity and self-expression are acknowledged and valued
  • Refraining from engaging in any and all forms of discriminatory behaviour and maintaining an environment in which discrimination is not tolerated
  • Allowing members and supporters the opportunity to express themselves and acknowledging that everyone’s contributions and voices in a conversation are heard as equal
  • Encouraging broad participation in Oxfam campaign and fundraising activities through a range of online and on-the-ground options available from coast to coast to coast and ensuring, as far as possible, the accessibility of these activities and resources for all Oxfam supporters
  • Treating each other with respect and dignity, expressing views respectfully and listening and responding respectfully to the views of others


  • Operating in a manner consistent with Oxfam’s mission, vision and strategic plan
  • Respecting communication preferences regarding frequency, type and format of materials sent to those in our groups and networks
  • Protecting the privacy of all Oxfam supporters, including not publishing, trading or circulating names or contact information without permission
  • Cultivating and maintaining an environment free from engagement in, or endorsement of, illegal activity
  • Recognizing the global implications of our actions, and being respectful of Oxfam’s staff, programs, partners, and supporters when speaking publicly
  • Maintaining formal religious or political affiliations only as private individuals, and never on behalf of Oxfam or an Oxfam group
  • Reporting to the Executive Director or the Chair of the Board instances of harassment involving Oxfam members, supporters, staff or volunteers[2]

[1]  In Canada, Oxfam’s constituency involves a wide range of supporters, including volunteers, donors, members, groups and our online supporters in communities across Canada.

[2]  See Oxfam Canada’s No Harassment No Violence in the Workplace Policy (2010).