Register an Oxfam Group

Oxfam Volunteer Groups promote women’s rights through campaigning, outreach and fundraising.

To register an Oxfam Volunteer Group, each group must commit to the following:

1.   Register a minimum of 5 group contacts

This ensures we will always be able to contact someone from your team and that your group will receive regular communication, fundraising, campaigning and training resources from Oxfam. Groups must register each year by the end of October to indicate your continued interest and dedication towards running a group in your area.

2.   Review and agree to the Oxfam Code of Conduct

All volunteers have the right to participate in Oxfam activities in a mutually respectful and supportive environment. By agreeing to follow the Oxfam Code of Conduct you ensure a safe and just organizing environment for all participants.  

3.   Regular communication and reporting

It’s important that we receive regular updates on your group’s activities and events. This ensures your group has access to current information and training opportunities, and helps us to better support the activities you are doing.

4.   Send all funds raised

Like Oxfam, our volunteer groups raise funds to help support our life-saving work. As Oxfam Canada is accountable to our donors, ensuring their donations are used responsibly and according to donor’s wishes, so too are our volunteer groups. For this fundamental reason, it is the responsibility of each Oxfam Volunteer Group to commit to sending Oxfam Canada all funds raised. 

5.   Campus groups register with your school administration

Groups organizing on university or college campuses must be officially registered with your administration or student union. If this is not possible, interested members may wish to consider becoming a community group instead.