Join an Oxfam Group

Oxfam groups bring together Canadians from all walks of life for two very good reasons: To promote women’s rights and put an end to poverty.

Oxfam Volunteer Groups take action on global inequality and promote women’s rights within their local communities. Groups are made up of self-organizing, dedicated volunteers who work semi-autonomously to support Oxfam’s national and international efforts through campaigning, outreach and fundraising.

Oxfam groups are led by volunteers in communities and on campuses across Canada.

Campus Groups a​re based on either a college or university campus. These Oxfam groups are registered with their school’s administration or student union and work to engage students as well as the broader community.

Community Groups a​re based within a particular municipality. They are made up of working professionals, community members and students who ​a​re passionate about promoting women’s rights and ending global poverty.


Connect with an Oxfam Volunteer Group in your area. Follow Oxfam Groups on Facebook and Twitter. Check out locations and links on the map below.

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