Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Once I apply what happens next?

If you filled out your application form correctly you should have received both a confirmation page and a confirmation email - this means your application has been received! We will be sending details regarding whether your application has been approved, how to register, and how to apply to have your travel and accommodation subsidized by July 2nd. Participants will also receive information package prior to the Summit. If you think you are not receiving the required communications, contact

If I apply, do I get to attend the Summit?

NATIONAL CHANGE - There are a limited spots available to attend National CHANGE. You will receive notice about the status of your application by June 23, 2014. Selection will be based on ensuring a diversity of participation from across the country and across campus groups.

REGIONAL CHANGE - A committee of Oxfam Canada Campus Champions and Oxfam Canada staff will review all applications in order to ensure that each Regional CHANGE Summit includes a diverse and talented group of youth from various campuses.

Once your application has been processed and confirmed, you will be directed to pay a registration fee. Your spot is not confirmed until the registration fee has been received.

How much does it cost to participate?

National CHANGE will take place from August 21st-24th (with participants arriving by the evening
of August 20th) in Ottawa. Registration fees will be $100 for those coming from outside of Ontario and $150 for Ontario residents.

Note: As a participant you will be responsible for all costs associated with your travel to (and within) the city where the Summits take place.

Regional CHANGE Summit – The registration fee to attend Regional CHANGE is $30 per participant. Participants can expect to receive lunch, snacks, printed materials, and some Oxfam surprise material as CHANGE participants.  Oxfam Canada will also subsidize 50% of all accommodation and travel costs incurred by participants, provided that these costs are first approved by Oxfam Canada. If travel and accommodation costs will be a barrier for your participation in the regional CHANGE summit, you can request that you be considered for greater subsidization within the application. More information about how to pay the registration fee and how to ensure that your accommodation and travel costs are subsidized will be included in the confirmation e-mail after you apply.

Note: As a participant you will be responsible for all costs associated with your travel to (and within) the city where the Summits take place.

I'm not from an Oxfam campus group, can I still participate?

Of course! Though Oxfam Summits are geared towards leaders and activists connected to Oxfam groups, we want that community to continue growing.

Check out our listing of groups and if there is an Oxfam group on your campus we encourage you to go to a meeting before attending a CHANGE Summit. If there is no group on your campus yet, simply e-mail and we will provide you with some extra information before your Summit.


I have requested financial support to participate in a Summit. When do I find out how much I receive?

When registration closes for your Summit we will assess all the applications for financial support. You will receive notice, by email, two weeks after the closing date of the registration for the training you are attending. We aim to provide some funding to all those who request it.

Financial support will be distributed at your Summit. As such, regardless of whether you receive financial support, you will need to arrange and pay for your travel up front. Proof of purchase of travel, as well as boarding passes for those travelling by plane, are required to receive your reimbursement. If these arrangements will constrain your capacity to participate in the Summit, please notify in order to verify whether alternate arrangements could be made.


How do I change information on my registration form?

If you would like to change information that you submitted on your registration from, please e-mail the changes to


I have registered, but now I can't come. What do I do?

If you have registered and cannot attend a CHANGE Summit, please notify Oxfam by email at

Registration fees are non-refundable.


 I haven't filled out the registration yet. How long do I have to register?

Please see either the Regional CHANGE or National CHANGE Summit pages for information on applications and deadlines. Registration is available via Oxfam's events listing.


Where can I find the schedule for the Summit?

We will be sending every participant an infopack with details about the Summit, including a schedule. If you have registered you will receive the schedule directly to your inbox!

To see what has been convered at past Summits, you can view the schedule from the 2013 National CHANGE Summit.

Who puts together the Summit?

Oxfam's CHANGE Summits, like other Oxfam programs, are developed in partnership with the groups and organizations on the ground in communities. While Oxfam staff provide expert advice, guidance and workshop facilitation, a team of organizing volunteers works tirelessly to identify and develop the content that groups need most.

Oxfam volunteers can benefit from the CHANGE Summit as a participant and can benefit a second time by taking on a role as a facilitator, leader in their community, and designer of content.

How do I become a CHANGE Summit facilitator?

CHANGE Summit content development and planning is the responsibility of the Youth Engagement Coordinators and a dedicated team of volunteers who form the CHANGE Organizing Committee. Applications to be part of the Organizing Committee are being accepted from now until June 11, 2014. More information, as well as the application itself, can be found here. Any questions can be sent to or