Oxfam Workshops

Oxfam workshops exist to support leaders and trainers across the country that are interested in improving their group’s knowledge of Oxfam’s core issues. These workshops can also be used as a way to present Oxfam to an external audience in a fun and interactive way!


Oxfam workshop training provides the basis for:
  1. presenting your own workshops to Oxfam groups or other groups to help them learn more about Oxfam’s work
  2. understanding the current focus of Oxfam’s campaigning
  3. learning from the experience of leaders and facilitators who have particpated in Oxfam’s CHANGE Summits, and other Oxfam programs.
The bulk of our current workshops are based on "Taking CHANGE Forward". This document is the product of Oxfam’s National CHANGE training, and aims to build on the experience of 40 Oxfam youth who came together to learn, plan and take action together.
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Chapter One: Women's rights and gender equality 
Chapter Two: Campigning force
Chapter Three: Active citizenship and leadership