Supporters in action

From silent auctions, concerts, and birthday parties, to young classmates working together to raise funds for Oxfam, many Canadians are making Oxfam a part of their everyday lives. And these interesting and creative individuals are making a difference.

Read some of our EVENT stories, share them with others, and get inspired!

Andria Hill used her birthday party to raise money for Oxfam.

Her friends made cash donations and  purchased Unwrapped gifts.

“The response was wonderful!! I think the most popular gift was the goat. I got a herd from those who enjoy "getting Andria's goat"!

Community-driven fun run for Oxfam. 

After traveling to Kenya in 2007 with his running partner Jason (husband of Oxfam's own Michelle Beveridge), Brian Michasiw and independently distributing running shoes to athletes, he was very touched by all the people and felt compelled to help them in any way that he could.

“[The] response from patrons was strong, [and] there was a good connection between the Saskatoon running community and Kenya. Everything throughout the day was by donation, and everyone involved opened up their hearts and their wallets”.

Goats and donkeys put smiles on young faces.

As a monthly SharePlan donor, Oxfam has been part of the Evans-Green family for years. So Deirdre thought, why not take a cue from Unwrapped, and ask for a small donation to Oxfam towards a donkey instead of gifts to celebrate her childrens' birthdays.  

"These young boys have learned early on just how easy it can be to help create a world without poverty, and help children just like them to live a better life with their families and in their communities!"

Professional photographer, Johanna Warwick, used the skills she already had and sold photos of her trip to El Salvador to raise money for Oxfam.

“When I came home it was very hard to return to daily life here having seen first hand how millions of others are living. It was impossible to come home and not try to find a way to help. Find a community or place to sell something/offer a service that is unique to you and donate the funds. When people know the money will be going to somewhere to help people, they are often inspired by what you are doing to do something themselves”.

One person’s idea inspires and raises thousands

Kelly holds a gently-used toy sale at her school to benefit Darfur, raising over $10,000 for Oxfam, and unlocking the giving spirit in others.

“Our gym was transformed into a toy store, we told people to pay what they wished and encouraged them to make a donation to Oxfam. The spirit of giving was palpable that night”.

Toronto Musician, Ricker Choi, shares his love of music and arts to raise money for Oxfam.

Through a series of concerts called Music Heals, Ricker inspires others to do their own charity work. 

“My friends and family are always supportive of my concerts... but now I hope to expand my audience and have a few individuals who share similar views and passions with me and can commit their time and energy - to actually build Music Heals together.”