Stop Land Grabs Campaign

We want a fair, safe, better world for everyone. We want justice and equality. And we won't settle for anything less. That's why we're campaigning for change. Without meaningful change, real progress against poverty cannot be achieved.

even it up

Even It Up: Together we can end extreme inequality

We live in a world of contrasts. Nowhere is this more obvious than the widening gap between the very rich and the rest of us. Today, seven out of ten people live in countries where the gap between the rich and poor is worse than 30 years ago. There is good news: extreme inequality can be tackled. Much can be done to even it up, and make the world a fairer place. 



Up For Debate: Action with the Canadian women's movement

Oxfam knows that ending global poverty begins with women's rights — that's why we've teamed up with Up For Debate. Up for Debate is calling on all party leaders to commit to participate in a nationally broadcast leaders’ debate focused on policies and issues that impact women’s lives.  Join millions of Canadians who are asking our government to set policies that work for women.


GROW: A world where everyone has enough to eat, always

Today almost 900 million people are going hungry—most of them women and girls. This is happening because of deep injustice in the global food system. We're calling for a dramatic change in the way we produce and share food so that everyone has enough to eat always. GROW is a vision for a brighter future. 


Arms Trade Treaty

Control Arms: Time to set a global arms trade treaty

Every day, millions of people suffer from the consequences of armed violence. This violence is fuelled by global trade in arms and ammunition—enabling weapons to fall into the hands of dictators, criminals, drug traffickers and terrorists. The lack of oversight of the arms trade fuels conflict, corruption, poverty and human rights abuses. Take a stand.