Support Women Farmers in Nicaragua

Donate now to help women farmers in Nicaragua develop successful agricultural
businesses and become leaders in their communities.

Funding Target: $105,000 CDN
Raised so far: $46,551 CDN


  • 700 women will receive training that increases their farm incomes and leadership skills
  • 71 farm cooperatives will become more effective
  • 2,200 families in nearly 100 communities could benefit indirectly

Target: $105,000

For every $10 you donate, about:
  • $4 goes to training women in farm production, processing and marketing
  • $4 goes to training women in rights and boosting organizational capacity to influence local and national authorities
  • $1 goes to strengthening the effectiveness of farm cooperatives
  • $1 goes to managing and evaluating the program

Agricultural Businesses
and Sustainable Living Solutions

Oxfam has worked to improve livelihoods in Nicaragua, one of the poorest countries in Latin America, for more than 25 years. This project directly supports women farmers and their families.

We work with local partner FEMUPROCAN, the Federation of Women Farmers and Ranchers, to increase their access to land, credit, markets and training, as well as to advocate for policy changes that are important to rural women.

Thousands of small-scale women farmers have seen their incomes and status rise by working through cooperatives and owning businesses. This program, running April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2014, reaches 99 communities of Nicaragua .

Increase women farmers’ skills and income
  • Establish a women-led marketing business for basic grains and processed products
  • Establish two processing businesses for local products, one for wine, coffee, jams, pickled products and honey; and one for organic fertilizer
  • Train women co-op members in economic, financial and business skills
  • Organize an annual product fair

Strengthen women’s confidence and awareness of their rights

  • Train women co-op members on self-esteem, reproductive health and their right to live free from violence
  • Develop women’s leadership skills through participation in workshops and exchanges

Strengthen women’s influence at the local and national level

  • Support women’s participation in municipal councils to influence local policies
  • Monitor the implementation of laws and policies that favor the cooperative sector and agriculture

Improve the effectiveness of farm cooperatives

  • Prepare more young women for leadership roles in cooperatives
  • Help develop, implement and monitor operational plans for cooperatives and cooperative unions


Download and pass along our publication:
Support Women Farmers in Nicaragua