Tom Hughes making change at work

Tom Hughes making change at work in Oxfam's matching gifts program.

Tom Hughes, a software developer who works at Schneider Electric in Victoria BC, is one of many supporters helping make a difference through Oxfam's matching gifts program. Tom writes:

"Being a good corporate citizen is important to Schneider Electric, and as such, our company created the Schneider Electric/Square D Foundation. This program provides opportunities for employees to help in the community or around the world, either directly or through financial support. The program details were presented to the employees by our foundation representative.

"I didn't use it immediately although my wife Laura and I had already made donations that could be doubled with the matching gifts program. I had to get into the habit using the program; create a routine for myself so I wouldn't forget. Now it's something I look forward to doing. It is simple and fast and it doubles the impact of my original donation.

"Giving to Oxfam is meaningful to me because thousands of people die needlessly every day. A few cents from us saves lives and gives people a chance to become independent. The matching gifts program results in doubling my donation, doubling its power to help others, doubling the lives saved because food, water or education is available to those who need it desperately.

"The matching gifts program puts the power to help in our hands. We, the employees, get to choose charities that are important to us."


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