Horn of Africa

Two months. That is all it took for chocolate lovers and social justice activists to stand up to three of the biggest food companies in the world and create positive change in the food system.

A Dangerous Delay

More than 13 million people are still affected by the crisis in the Horn of Africa. There were clear early warning signs many months in advance, yet there was insufficient response until it was far too late.

Governments, donors, the UN and NGOs need to change their approach to chronic drought situations by managing the risks, not the crisis.

The report’s title, “Growing a Better Future,” captures the central message: We don’t need to sleepwalk into catastrophe. Governments, companies and individuals can rethink how we produce and consume food. We can join with the thousands of people around the world who are already building more...

Oxfam Canada has decided to put women front and center in its new GROW campaign. You may be asking yourself: why women? And what does gender have to do with food security? Lots, as it turns out.

How you, here in Canada, can help to make a difference not only in the life of another person half way around the world, but in the way that food is produced?  Well I hope you’ll agree with me that it sounds pretty awesome.

In Zimbabwe, I met women who had created bountiful communal vegetable gardens with drip irrigation and organic composting. The result? Better nutrition, critical to the success of treatments for HIV and AIDS.

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