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Ending global poverty begins with women’s rights

The Right to Make a Living

The Right to Make a Living

Oxfam supports people’s efforts to achieve food and income security, fairer working conditions and increased protection of the natural resources on which they depend.

Oxfam believes that everyone has the right to make a living and support their livelihood. Our work in this area seeks to help realize people’s rights to sustainable livelihood, including closely related rights to a safe environment, housing, clean water and sufficient food.

 What is Oxfam Canada doing?

  • Directly and indirectly promoting the development and regulation of local and global markets to promote equitable and sustainable growth, gender equity and to reduce people’s vulnerability to crises;
  • Ensuring that women, in particular, and small producers, gain greater access and control over resources with which to pursue their livelihood, and that the unpaid caring, household and community work – done mainly by women – is recognised and invested in as a critical livelihood resource;
  • Working to strengthen organizations and coalitions of producers, labourers, employees, trade unions and women’s organizations to develop practical economic alternatives;
  • Improving information flow and knowledge creation about successful strategies and experiences relating to the achievement of sustainable livelihoods around the world.


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