Fair and Feminist Climate Action

Fair and Feminist Climate Action

Fair and Feminist Climate Action

Tell Prime Minister Trudeau that Canada and other wealthy nations must follow through on commitments to collectively provide USD$100 billion a year in international climate finance.

Fulfilling our Commitments to Global Climate Finance

More than a decade ago, Canada and other wealthy countries made a commitment to deliver USD$100 billion per year by 2020 to help developing countries adapt to climate change and take action to reduce emissions. But they have not followed through.

Climate finance is not charity. It is a commitment aimed at addressing the injustice of the climate crisis, which is marked by inequality. Wealthy nations have been short-changing developing countries as they face the worst effects of a climate crisis that they did little to create.

In fact, the world's richest one per cent are responsible for more than twice the carbon pollution as the poorest half of humanity. And, unlike those living in poverty, the richest have the means to buffer themselves against the worst impacts of climate change. That's why climate finance is so critical.

The $100 billion annual target that wealthy countries have failed to meet already sets a low bar for support. The UNEP estimates that, as a result of the escalating impacts of climate change, developing countries' adaptation financing needs could climb to USD$140-300 billion by 2030 and USD$280-500 billion by 2050.

While the final accounting is not yet available, 2020 looks to be another slim year where wealthy countries failed to deliver even on the $100 billion commitment. These shortfalls have lead to an increasing number of lost opportunities to support women, youth and Indigenous people, who are bearing the brunt of the adverse impacts of climate change because ongoing inequalities and discrimination limit their access to resources that could help them adapt to climate change, overcome the threat of hunger, establish early warning systems for cyclones and typhoons and light up homes and businesses so kids can study and women can gain economic independence.

It's time for us to speak out and let governments know that we expect them to deliver on this commitment. It's not an act of charity but rather a matter of climate justice.

Tell Trudeau to show global leadership and get climate finance right.

Please add your voice now.

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