Challenging what’s normal. #endGBV

During a recent speech on gender equality while visiting Cuba, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau declared that "the hardest thing to change in a society is what is considered normal." She went on to ask whether it is normal “to face the daily language of violence towards our bodies, our minds, our hearts...

Oxfam is currently providing water and sanitation support in Nepal, following the earthquake.

The global statistics are staggering: 2.4 billion people do not have access to a toilet or latrine. About a billion of them have to defecate in the open, which often leads to serious public health problems. And more than half of the schools in the developing world lack private toilets.

The school Réalité Valere is a good example of the destruction left by Hurricane Matthew in Grand Anse and South Departments in Haiti. Around the school, 18 people were killed. Photo credit: Fran Afonso/Oxfam Intermón

Case after case illustrates the tragic reality of Hurricane Matthew. Sadly, there will be many more deaths in the short and medium term than those caused by the wind and rain. Not just because of crop losses, but also because there will very probably be another outbreak of cholera, a disease...

Over 170 women's organizations and their allies came together last year,  to put women's rights on the agenda leading up to the federal election. The result was the Up For Debate campaign.


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