Our stats struck a nerve, now let’s hit back against inequality

Oxfam's latest inequality report and stats have prompted some lively debate in the run up to the World Economic Forum. Here Deborah Hardoon, Deputy Head of Research, explains how we came up with the stats and why we're confident about our findings. 

The world's 62 richest people own the same wealth as the 3.6 billion poorest people.

Yet again I am attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, warning about the global inequality crisis – and proposing steps to tackle it. Yet again, Oxfam has released shocking new statistics which illustrate how severe this crisis has become: 62 people now have the same wealth as the poorest...

Fatima, 17, in her family’s tent in Taneeb, Jordan, pours water into a bottle. The water filter was donated by Oxfam as part of the aid distributed to refugees living in informal tented settlements. Oxfam is working in Syria and neighbouring countries hel

Canadians couldn’t have asked for a more optimistic start to 2016 than to begin the new year knowing that our country will be welcoming 25,000 Syrian refugees to resettle in Canada.

Hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria have seen another winter descend on the Middle East, for some this is their fifth away from home in increasingly difficult living conditions. 

Giving Tuesday

Oxfam is excited to launch a new 5-year program - “Creating Spaces to Take Action on Violence against Women and Girls,” - in collaboration with Global Affairs Canada in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

Chloe here as part of the Oxfam France demonstrations on the streets of Paris

In Paris, the world’s powers have come together and agreed a global climate deal. Unfortunately, it is a deal that has short-changed  the poorest and most vulnerable people as they struggle with the reality of rising sea-levels, floods and drought. 


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