Successful business woman and activist for gender equality. Photo: Asana Abugre.Christian Aid / Sarah Filbey.

Those shifting and hiding their wealth are failing to pay back into the ‘care economy’ – the people who produce and reproduce the workforce of today and tomorrow.

Grace Aloyo, with one of her five children, in Lamwo District, Uganda. The Panama Papers highlighted how just one company in Uganda used Mossack Fonseca services to try to avoid paying $400 million in tax.

The Panama Papers leak blew the lid on the murky world of industrial scale tax abuse. For over 40 years a single law firm, Mossack Fonseca, set up more than 200,000 shell companies for the rich and powerful, in places where their financial affairs could be cloaked in secrecy, out of reach from...

La Playita, in Baracoa, is one of the most vulnerable communities in the city

While President Obama's visit has put Havana in the spotlight, more remote communities are preparing for earthquakes and natural disasters.

Photo: Oxfam

Shame, victim-blaming and stigma are such common aspects of violence against women that many victims never go to the police. Photo: Oxfam


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