Nimo is carrying a jug with medicine against diarrhea. She has lost most of her livestock and has been suffering from diarrhea for weeks.

“This drought is leaving nothing behind. In previous droughts, we used to lose some animals, but we would always have food and water. But this is different. It is ‘sweeping away’ animals and people.”

Food security to Famine. Learn when to act!

If we know what these words mean in human terms, we feel compelled to help.

Photo: Stella Madete / Oxfam

Nyal, South Sudan was previously a quiet town known for its mango and palm trees. Two years of extended fighting in the surrounding areas however, has forced thousands of people to seek refuge in the town and the islands surrounding it.

Bruno Bierrenbach Feder/Oxfam

An extreme lack of food is causing severe hunger, malnutrition and even famine, across South Sudan, Nigeria, Yemen and the Horn of Africa.

The United Nations recently declared that 20 million people are at risk of famine across these regions. They’ve warned as many as 1.4 million children...

Oxfam Canada Executive Director Julie Delahanty with Sukeina, an oxfam beneficiary in Morocco.

Oxfam is working with partner associations in the region to support the women’s claims for their rights to decent working conditions.

Women rally to demand their rights in Uttar Pradesh, India, with support of Oxfam partner Samarpan. Credit: Rajendra Shaw/Oxfam

Laws on paper are one critical step in efforts to address VAWG, but evidently we must continue in our struggle to get governments to live up to their obligations.  Laws can have a significant impact on reducing the prevalence of violence only if duty-bearers implement them effectively, backed up...


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