Could you make it as a farmer with a family to feed? We need you to find out and tell your friends about the need to feed people and fight climate change

In El Salvador those who grow over 80% of the food consumed in the country are those most likely to suffer from hunger. It's time to change this.

Behind the Brands

Next week Oxfam meets with the leaders of the top ten food and beverage companies, just 24 hours after the UN's Climate Summit in New York. It's a key moment. Climate change is the single biggest threat to winning the fight against hunger, and food companies haven’t been doing enough to tackle...

Behind the Brands

Kellogg has announced it is stepping up to address climate change in a very big way. It has committed to reduce harmful emissions across both its supply chain and operations, and help smallholder farmers adapt and push for real advocacy across the private sector and government.

Children play soccer on the land of the Taquara, a group of indigenous people in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. Nestle's new commitment could help protect the land rights of indigenous people around the world. Photo: Tatiana Cardeal/Oxfam

When one of the world’s largest food company commits to protecting land rights of small-scale farmers, it’s a big deal. Earlier this month, Nestlé committed to do just that.

Cocoa farmer in Nigeria. Photo: Oxfam America

In the past year, Behind the Brands supporters like you have persuaded both Coca-Cola and PepsiCo to do the same – and with this latest news, our movement is picking up even more steam.

Burning forests in Indonesia. Photo: Des Syafrizal/Oxfam

Palm oil is everywhere, in food and everyday items you don’t even realize. It’s in your morning bowl of cereal, your afternoon biscuits, your dinner pizza, in soap and even in the biodiesel that fuels your car. And sadly, in many places, it comes with human and environmental...

Food Security Infographic

Ever wonder what words like “food insecurity” actually mean? This infographic can help.

Feeding people doesn’t have to mean feeding climate change. We need your voice to stand up and insist that the brands we love do more to address the single biggest threat to fighting hunger – climate change!

Working for the Many

Oxfam has launched a new report, "Working for the Many" which is the most recent in a series of reports looking at the scandalous gap between rich and poor that is undermining poverty reduction, and putting the power increasingly in the hands of elites the world over.


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