Oxfam ambassador Helena Christensen, a supermodel and photographer, recently returned from her third trip with Oxfam, this one to document the toll that climate change has had on the women of rural Turkana in northern Kenya. 


Oxfam Canada policy coordinator Mark Fried blogs on the successful campaign to get the International Monetary Fund to invest more than $1 billion of windfall profits in small-scale farming, education, health care and other needs of the world’s poorest countries. Nearly $1.6 billion in gold...

Oxfam Canada policy coordinator, Mark Fried, blogs on the possibility of achieving a conventional Arms Trade Treaty with bite. After years of lobbying, Oxfam and other members of the Control Arms Campaign say a final breakthrough is in sight.  Is Canada helping or hindering? 

Let me tell you a story — a real-life story — about what empowerment looks like. It’s the story of a woman in the Kembata region of Ethiopia who, after decades of toil, was put out of her home by her husband because he had taken on a new wife.

The final Preparatory Committee (PrepCom) meeting for the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) negotiations is taking place February 13‐17, 2012. Mark Fried, Policy Officer for Oxfam Canada, describes the impact our Control Arms campaign work has had on the treaty process, and the work that still remains. 

Blair Redlin is vice-chair of Oxfam Canada’s Board of Director’s and a long-time volunteer.

Just a coincidence that it’s Oscar day in Hollywood, but we’ve had our own moment in the spotlight with The Global Journal ranking Oxfam No. 3 on the world’s Top 100 Best NGO’s list.

As I sit in the closing plenary at Busan, I sense more relief than celebration. An agreement has been brokered. The promise of progress persists. But the level of ambition remains modest.

Taryn Diamond attended the 2011 Women’s Worlds conference, which took place in Ottawa from July 3rd to 7th.


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