So, I just got back from a week of walking through the Sahara Desert.  Yep, I did just say, a week of walking, through the Sahara Desert.

The world's diplomats are gathered in New York this week and next to hammer out the final details on a global treaty to keep weapons and ammunition out of the hands of criminals, abusive regimes and others who would misuse them.

In Zaatari camp, Farah is a woman on a mission: determined to show that women engineers are just as capable as their male counterparts and making sure she is up to date on all the latest reading and research to make sure that no-one can fault her. Farah’s day-to-day work involves overseeing and...

"Having eked out a living through several years of drought, watched their animals sicken and die and their crops wither, the women I speak with were finally driven from Somalia by the violence of armed groups. Whole villages and towns fled in terror."

While it is imperative that women are protected from violence and that victims of violence are healed, we need also to engage with the underlying issues that cause the breakdown in values that respect and dignify men and women.

Well-known activist filmmaker and television journalist, Avi Lewis, was in Saskatoon on January 29th to help launch International Development Week activities with a keynote address.

Violence against women and girls affects us all – it ruins lives, weakens communities and is a violation of human rights. December 10 is International Human Rights Day, a day that also marks the culmination of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence. Celebrate this day with...

Robert Fox travels to Guatemala to come to visit a program of AMES, the Association of Women in Solidarity, a pioneering Guatemalan organization that promotes women’s rights, workers’ rights and indigenous rights and assures access to health care, legal aid and community support.


Robert Fox, our Executive Director, writes from Nicaragua, "Silvia has something many women in Nicaragua want: title to the land she works."

Robert Fox, our Executive Director, writes "There are some very powerful actors arrayed against the citizens of La Lupita, Guatemala—a mix of national and transnational interests that don't much care what happens to the people that live there. But Catalina and her neighbours know what it means...


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