In Latin America, the rich rule. 113 Latin-Americans appear on the world’s billionaires list, while 164 million men and women in the region live in poverty (66 million of them in extreme poverty).

The evidence is clear: Strong development and the achievement of women’s rights are intrinsically bound — in everything from economic growth, access to education, food and health security to the environment, peace‐building and good governance.

When he walked into the St. John's office one day in 1984, Bill Hynd never thought he'd find himself still working for Oxfam in 2014. But here we are, 30 years later, celebrating an amazing career that spanned three decades and touched many lives, both inside Oxfam and across the world....

Can Oxfam tackle gender inequality in conflict-affected countries? Here, Louie Fooks explains why working on gender inequality is not only possible, but a necessary part of governance and peace building.

Despite the huge sums of money involved in oil, mineral and gas mining, over 1.5 billion people in resource-rich countries live on less than $2 a day. However, revenues generated by extractive industries can be used to reduce poverty.

Violence against women and girls is an attack on human rights - it ruins lives and impoverishes communities. It is present in all nations – rich and poor – and affects us all, women, girls, men and boys.  

A statement by Oxfam Canada Executive Director, Robert Fox marking International Human Rights Day and the culmination of the 16 Days of Activism Against Violence Against Women.

Source: ANC Archives

Former Oxfam Canada Board chair Meyer Brownstone, recounts how Oxfam Canada was invited by Nelson Mandela to be present when he cast his vote to end apartheid in 1994.

As part of the international campaign “16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence,” Oxfam in Mali, Wildaf - a local partner - and International Medical Corps launched an exhibition in Bamako, Gao and Timbuktu, entitled “From shadow into light”.

India is a land of many contrasts where goddesses are revered for their strength and invincibility yet violence against women in all forms is a common phenomenon. In the year 2012, there was a devastating spike in incidences of violence against women across the country - some of which have...


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