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As a result of the current conflict in South Sudan, the gains in food security realized over the last several years of peace are being reversed and an estimated 7 million people are in need of assistance.

What an amazing display of support for the #WithSyria campaign for the third anniversary of the Syria crisis – congratulations one and all for a truly moving display of solidarity!

Today, over 5 million Syrian children are in need of assistance, including over 1 million children who have sought refuge in neighboring countries. Photo: Muath Freij/Oxfam

As the third anniversary of the Syria crisis approaches, it is impossible not to be affected by the plight of millions of children caught in the cross-fire, fleeing with families or beginning their lives as refugees in Syria’s neighboring countries.

Photo: Oxfam

Popular British graffiti artist Banksy has shown his support for the #WithSyria campaign by reworking his iconic image of a little girl with a balloon, entitled "There is Always Hope", to show a Syrian child.

Women are already very marginalized in the South Sudanese society. Violence against women is not uncommon, and is above all seen as a very private matter. I can only imagine how exposed especially single mothers, and young girls are to harassment and sexual violence, but we know little, too...

Aid alone cannot bring an end to the Syria crisis. Talking to refugees in Jordan with whom Oxfam is working, there is shared sense of desperation that a political solution must be found.

Oxfam staff help to distribute mats and other non-food items at a UN base in Juba, currently home to around 18,000 displaced people. Photo: Anita Kattakhuzy/Oxfam

I've seen so many countries, ravaged by conflict, and every time it strikes me how it is always the most vulnerable, the children, the women and the elderly who are hardest hit by war and terror. I'm deeply concerned about the faith of the women and young girls within this UN compound, and even...

Sunrise at Mingkamen IDPs camp, South Sudan. Photo: Aimee Brown/Oxfam

Amidst the violence of the past seven weeks in South Sudan, there are some signs of hope. The violence enacted along ethnic lines that is keeping so many thousands in makeshift settlements and camps is not universal.

Around Bangui’s main market, the signs of an exodus were everywhere. Market stalls stood bare.

Around Bangui’s main market, the signs of an exodus were everywhere. Market stalls stood bare. Dozens of trucks full of people, stacked high with their life’s belonging, were on the road. Below them streets were lined with televisions and well-worn furniture – their owners seeking to sell what...

After three years of conflict and abortive attempts to start negotiations, the fact that the talks in Switzerland took place at all and continued as planned until 31 January is a success. Every journey, however long and difficult, must begin with an initial step.


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