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Rebecca, South Sudan

“Getting an education is my number one priority," says Rebecca Elija, displaced in Melut, South Sudan. “I wanted to be a doctor but the crisis happened and forced us to move from our homes and postpone our dreams. An experience like this forces you to grow up. When we arrived...

Mary, South Sudan

Mary Nyidor is a journalist from Bor town, South Sudan. "The first thing I share on the radio is the message of peace," says Mary.  She sees her role as helping to bring people together in South Sudan.

Stella, South Sudan

Stella Gitano is a writer, teacher and a poet based in Juba, South Sudan. She moved back to South Sudan after independence, filled with patriotic spirit, to participate in building the nation. Stella says: Writers have a huge responsibility in nation-building as they reflect what is happening in...

Hygiene Promotion In Schools, Democratic Republic of Congo.  Photo: Eleanor Farmer

Oxfam knows from experience that humanitarian crises affect people differently depending on their gender. Read Ann Witteveen's blog on how the Ebola crisis impacts men and women differently.

Ebola Quarantine Distribution

Life on the other side of the line
The challenges of Ebola quarantines in Freetown and how Oxfam is helping
Blog by Melanie Gallant
Melanie is Oxfam Canada’s Media Relations Officer. She is currently on...

Agnes is one of a 100 strong team of Community Health Volunteers who are the first line of defence in the battle against Ebola. (Photo: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam)

We knew that you can wash your hands but we never knew the specific way that you should wash your hands, the specific areas that you had to pay attention when washing your hands. 

The health and sanitation programme of Oxfam in Liberia is part of wider measures that could curb the spread of the Ebola virus. We need all measures to combat the disease now, more than ever – because the stakes are too high.


As the Ebola outbreak in West Africa continues to claim lives and now ranks as the largest in history, here are answers to some of the questions you might have about the deadly...

Oxfam Public Health Promoter, Meriam Asibal meets with government community health teams in Liberia. Oxfam has provided these teams with disinfection kits for holding centers and burial teams. Photo: Oxfam

As the Ebola outbreak continues to worsen, Oxfam has joined forces with West African health authorities to combat the spread of the deadly disease.


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