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People search for survivors under the rubble of houses destroyed by Saudi airstrikes near Sanaa Airport, Yemen. Photo credit Abo Haitham.

For a long time there has been severe humanitarian crisis in the country, now there could be a humanitarian catastrophe unless a permanent ceasefire is agreed and humanitarian access is granted.

A woman holds her daughter as a Syrian air force jet drops bombs on the streets around her home

As the country marks its fourth year of brutal fighting, one civil society leader makes a case for greater support to stop the violence.

Lisa and her newborn, Etas, Vanuatu

Twenty minutes drive east from Port Vila is a community called Etas. Homes are nestled among the trees along windy roads that snake up the hillside. A week ago when Cyclone Pam hit, families in Etas did their best to hide from the ferocious storm, taking shelter in small churches and in...

Hygiene Promotion In Schools, Democratic Republic of Congo.  Photo: Eleanor Farmer

Women’s leadership is critical in efforts to address the mounting challenge of rising disasters around the world. Women are often disproportionately affected by disasters, due to gender inequality and discrimination. They frequently suffer a double trauma – both through the hazard event itself...

Act with Syria

It is four years since the start of the conflict in Syria and the crisis continues to deepen. 83% of Syria’s lights have gone out over the last four years. It is time to turn the lights back on.

Cyclone Pam, Vanuatu

"Canadians know about extreme weather" says Ann Witteveen, Oxfam Canada's Humanitarian manager. The families of Vanuatu are also familiar with the destruction mother nature can wreak – though the magnitude of this cyclone was bigger than most had ever experienced.

Cyclone Pam

Vanuatu has consistently been ranked by the World Risk Index as the country with the highest disaster risk since 2011, and despite significant investment in disaster risk reduction from government, civil society and communities in recent years, it’s clear that people in Vanuatu were unprepared...

Mariam, Syrian refugee

Mariam and her children fled Syria’s conflict two years ago. She strives to shelter, educate and feed her children. Mariam’s story is echoed in most of the settlements in Lebanon, where women make up more than half of the 1.1 million registered refugees. And more than 65% of refugee children don...

Noor, Syrian refugee

Noor, 30, fled the war in Syria with her handicapped husband and two children, a girl, 4, and a boy, 3. She is a teacher by training and has set up a school in a Syrian refugee settlement by the Mediterranean Sea, offering free classes to children. 66% of the Syrian refugee children in Lebanon...

Noor, a Syrian refugee in North Lebanon, decided to turn her tent into a school where she teaches Syrian boys and girls aged 4 to 10 Arabic, English, and sciences.

Ignored Security Council resolutions, escalating conflict and political inertia: Syria’s suffering civilians deserve better. Enormous numbers have had to flee violence in Syria. People of all political persuasion, ages, religious belief and background. Their views are diverse, and strongly held...


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