Community Development

Community-driven development

Young women in a Creating Spaces community group in Fazilpur, Dinajpur, Bangladesh raising their hands when asked, “who got married before they were ready?”

Being married early comes with so many costs and the consequences are immense. In the small northern Bangladesh town of Dinajpur, we see how Oxfam's program, Creating Spaces, is helping to tackle violence against women and child marriage.

Creating Spaces

On International Day of the Girl Child, we celebrate the resilience, strength, and power of girls worldwide. Girls are unstoppable. Today – and every day - let us commit to investing in girls and creating space for change.

Three years ago, I was introduced to Oxfam, when invited to participate in Oxfam Canada's National CHANGE Summit. An event which brings together dynamic, like-minded young people from across the country, determined to create change.

Oxfam Canada’s communications officer, Melanie Gallant, is meeting with partners and beneficiaries across Southern Africa to hear their stories. In Cape Town, she met with Triangle Project, a local partner helping communities speak-out against violence based on gender and sexual orientation, and...

Horizonte Azul – it means “blue horizon” in Portuguese – is an association that has worked with vulnerable children, young adults, and those living with HIV in Maxaquene since 2005.

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