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Ending global poverty begins with women’s rights
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Tanja Bergen

Tanja Bergen

by Oxfam | May 17, 2010

I started volunteering in thesummer of 2007 as a facilitator in Oxfam’s gender equality symposium in Vancouver. Currently I am working on a community education project around HIV/AIDS and women’s rights in the Greater Vancouver area.

With the Oxfam campus club at UBC I have been involved in a No Sweat Fashion Show, film festival, public water awareness booths/stunts, Oxfam Unwrapped campaigns, and helped create the Tour de Public Services Workshop.

Every time I am talking to the public through Oxfam I notice that people walk away surprised or impacted by the information. During our bottled vs. tap water blind taste test booth people were stunned that 64% preferred tap water. I heard so many people walk away shocked that they preferred tap water and questioning the social and environmental impacts of bottled water. It was really cool to see that such a simple booth could revolutionize people’s views on bottled water so easily.

By volunteering with Oxfam,I have developed an appreciation for the importance of women’s rights. I have also gained a wealth of facilitation experiences and learned so much about many of the social issuesaffecting the world’s poor.

Volunteering with Oxfam has also given me a sense of hope about the world’s future. Oxfam’s reports reassure me that there are solutions to creating gender equality and ending global poverty. This empowers me because I know that if there is a solutionand if I and my other fellow volunteers work hard enough we can help see the solutions realized.

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