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Talk and eat and eat and talk

by Oxfam | October 6, 2011


I have the coolest job. This week, I got to attend the McGill Conference on Food SecurityOpens a new window in Montreal (October 4-6) where my job was literally to talk and eat and eat and talk. At a conference all about food, you know the treats will be good!

The McGill Conference on Global Food Security brought together NGOs, INGOs, academia, public and private sectors, old and young, to discuss the complex issue(s) of global food security. Tabling for Oxfam Canada at this event, I have had the unique experience to talk to like-minded individuals, all engaging with food security issues from a myriad of angles, all working to solve the same major issue, and who are all exceptionally excited by the GROW campaign.

The World Food Challenge asks us to talk and eat and eat and talk. C’mon, we do that anyway!  In a society where we’re all chronically strapped for time, what better action can we take towards making change than something that combines two activities we do daily? The challenge is to find locally sourced, organic and/or fair trade ingredients, and then to talk while you eat, but maybe not with your mouth full.

Delegates of the McGill Conference were delighted to sign up to take the World Food Challenge. Many signed up to take the challenge on the spot. You can too. Sign up now!
Sarah Lyons is Oxfam Canada’s Membership & Volunteer Development Officer.




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