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Solidarity Fast for East Africa

by Oxfam | September 20, 2011

by Jennifer Brammer

Oxfam Canada volunteers in PEI recently helped to raise money for our East Africa Food Crisis Fund.

The group’s recent Solidarity Fast and coffee house, supporting famine relief in the Horn of Africa, raised nearly $6,000, which translates to almost $12,000 with the Government of Canada matching funds scheme. The 24-hour fast was broken with a potluck supper and an art show, followed by music from several local musicians.

The entire event was done on a shoestring, with the local Katimavik group helping to organize the event, along with Oxfam Canada volunteers and a Sierra Club Canada member. The venue was donated by a local church. The only cost for the event was the courier fee to send the fundraiser’s proceeds to head office.

Media coverage in The Guardian, PEI’s largest newspaper, and a television newscast of the event were instrumental in getting the word out. One man who had worked in Africa as a security officer promptly phoned and donated $1,000 after seeing the television coverage.

This was the first event of the newly revitalized PEI Oxfam group. What a great start!

Jennifer Brammer is an Oxfam Canada outreach officer based in Atlantic Canada

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