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Shawnathan DeSouza

Shawnathan DeSouza

by Oxfam | May 17, 2010

Another wonderful magician, Shawnathan DeSouza, also answered the call to entertain in support of Oxfam. He began honing his skills in high school, because, he says, he “wasn’t really good at anything else at the time – I was always 3rd last in track and field.” Humble beginnings, sure, but he saw that magic had the ability to make people happy and creat special moments for them, so he decided to pursue magic further.

Having already held fundraisers for other CAnadian charitable organizations, Shawnathan was already very involved, but felt that he wanted to do more, and Oxfam wasfortunate to be a recipient of that drive. “I would definitely encourage others to help in this way, because, after all, that’s what charities are looking for – help. That help can come in many forms.”

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