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Ending global poverty begins with women’s rights
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Pedaling to End Poverty

Pedaling to End Poverty

by Oxfam | May 17, 2010

The Trip
With an average of approximately 140km a day, biking 6 to 7 hours a day between sunrise and sunset, Greg arrived in Halifax on June 8th. As he explained at the beginning of his trip, `I’m hoping for flat rides and tail winds across the Prairies. I’ve been told to expect some big hills in Northern Ontario, and I think the views along the St. Lawrence will be worth the ride. Everything I need for the trip will be packed on my bike. Along the way, I hope to enlist the help of strangers to lend me a piece of grass to set up camp. As far as weather goes, I’m not too worried about rain, but snow might be a problem.

The Cause
Greg said, `I was first exposed to Oxfam last year while serving with the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan. While there, I was often overwhelmed by the scope and depth of the poverty the average Afghan experiences. However, I was also encouraged by the impact of international aid through groups like Oxfam. I saw first hand clinics and roads being built. I saw new water wells providing clean water to communities, and I saw young boys and girls going to school. It is projects like these that inspired me to dedicate this ride to Oxfam Canada and the many projects they have started around the world.

Greg’s arrival in Halifax!

Greg was welcomed to Halifax City Hall by representatives of all levels of government. L to R. MP for Halifax, Megan Leslie, HRM Councilor, Jennifer Watts, Greg, Member of Legislative Assembly for Halifax Citadel/Sable Island, Leonard Preyra.

Way to go Greg!

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