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Newlyweds Let Oxfam Share the Spotlight on their Special Day

Newlyweds Let Oxfam Share the Spotlight on their Special Day

by Oxfam | May 17, 2010

Having already been introduced to Oxfam when Hank’s mother asked for charitable donations for her birthday, the decision about their wedding was clear.

They were already familiar with Oxfam, and liked what the organization was doing. As Lisa explains, they `wanted to give money to a good cause that would benefit someone rather than leaving guests with a trinket that would likely end up gathering dust.

They received a very positive response from their guests, who thought it was a great idea and appreciated the gesture. When asked if this was something that they would encourage or recommend others to consider for their own special day, Lisa said `definitely…it’s a special way for your guests to remember your wedding because they feel like they’ve shared in something that benefits people who may not have had help otherwise.

In addition to mentioning how good helping others can make someone feel, Lisa added `but mostly, it spreads love and that’s what weddings are about.

For more information on Oxfam Canada’s wedding program, with the various ways you can incorporate Oxfam into your special day, please email .

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