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Mike Avery

Mike Avery

by Oxfam | May 17, 2010

Ballon artist Mike Avery began creating balloon animals as a hobby in university to break the stress of exams. Out of hte hobby grew a fantastic skill thath as wowed adults and children alike! As he says, “what I enjoy most about them is that almost everyone loves baloon animals, and no one ever suspects a guy like me to know how to do them.”

A firm believer that the world is better off when people can donate some of their time to helping others, Mike was thrilled to support Oxfam when the opportunity arose. He was thrilled not only because of the impact volunteering could have on Oxfam, but also the impact it could have on himself: “By volunteering, people see hteir good work in action and I htink they gain more because of this.”

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