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Ending global poverty begins with women’s rights
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Melodie Chan

Melodie Chan

by Oxfam | May 17, 2010

I have a M.Ed., B.Ed., and HBA in French, and am in a transitional stage of life now where I’m continuing to explore ways to further contribute to work on poverty issues through education and project coordination, as well as opportunities to explore how this kind of work is being addressed overseas.

I became interested in Oxfam when presenting on some work at an international conference hosted in part by Oxfam Hong Kong, and learned of its well-researched social analysis on poverty as well as its avant-garde way of incorporating creative participatory drama to help others learn about the issues at stake. I then came back to Toronto and started exploring Oxfam Canada.

My most rewarding experience with Oxfam was helping to coordinate the CHANGE 2008 Initiative, to help prepare the learning experience and galvanize the energy for youth to carry back to campuses and spread the fire. One of the most valuable things I have gained from the teamwork experience at Oxfam, learning from other staff, volunteers and campus leaders, is IDEAS. That is, IDEAS about the meanings and methods around organizing and mobilizing change mobilizing people, campaigns, money, media, policy-making processes and imaginations.

Because where there are people with an interest to learn more about common global goals, and interest to find groups of people to move toward those goals, and to share creative passion for social justice, then there, is further hope for what `community and change can stand for. Those are my passions as well community development, social justice, leadership in learning (both informal and organized learning), and creative human connections.

I sincerely hope you as well may enjoy the learning adventures you’d find through involvement in the global momentum of Oxfam’s work. Cheers!

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