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Making lunch better with the World Food Challenge

by Oxfam | October 11, 2011


Oxfam Canada’s Program Development Department had its semi-annual team meeting last week. As for any work team, team lunches are opportunities for team members to kick back a bit and get to know each other better – all part of great team building. The team decided to step it up a notch and take up the GROW World Food Challenge.

We surprised ourselves – the GROW Challenge caused us to really think about what, and where, we were going to eat. Doing research into where to find restaurants and caterers that provide local, organic and fairly traded food stimulated all kinds of discussions around food and the environment. In the end, we all agree: the Challenge made our team lunches even better!

We needed to have a working lunch, and that meant catering. We are very lucky in Ottawa to be able to call on the services of a local catering company that specializes in organic, locally grown and fairly traded meals. The company provided a great lunch – bean wraps, egg salad, and turkey sandwiches, along with a delicious couscous-based salad, topped off with amazing carrot cake and gluten-free brownies. We took the opportunity to talk about the GROW campaign – amongst ourselves and with the catering company.

We also planned to go to a restaurant for lunch, and here we chose a great local cafe, walking the 15 minutes to the restaurant. We were rewarded with a beautiful views and lots of fresh air. The cafe serves local food when in season, and organic food when the price point is reasonable. It was great to talk to the staff about the local and organic products they are using. And our meals were absolutely delicious.

Great food, great conversation: a wonderful way to support the GROW campaign. If we were able to meet the challenge, you can too.

Lucie Lalanne is Oxfam Canada’s program development officer for Asia.




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